The OCAD Student Union is the voice of the student body. We work to advocate for students and provide vital services that help strengthen the student experience. The SU is responsible for carrying out the Student Union’s objectives, as well as adhering to the SU By-laws, Policies and Procedures.

The Student Union will listen to the needs and concerns of students, and investigate, and take action on issues that students bring forward. The Directors of the SU sit on multiple Student Union subcommittees and University Committees to ensure that there are appropriate student advocates at OCAD U, voicing the student perspective. The SU also strives to maintain constant communication with key administrative staff of the University to present any concerns that may arise, and promote the student perspective in any initiatives taking place.

We also aim to be a strong ally by facilitating student leadership and community building on campus. We recognize that OCAD U has many different students with many different backgrounds, experiences, wants and needs. Being a good ally means creating opportunities for students to use their own voices, not just speaking on behalf of all students. The SU often organizes forums between OCAD U administration and OCAD U students to facilitate conversation and to provide the forum to directly discuss concerns with the people making decisions.