Money Matters poster showing statistics from the campaign survey, post-it note in front that reads “74.9%? Not cool OCAD U!

Not in OCAD’s Interest/Money Matters

The Student Union organized a petition and campaign in opposition to the University’s proposal to charge students 1.25% compound interest on their unpaid tuition and ancillary fees, a change from the previous flat fee of $50. The motion to change the fee structure was passed at the May 1, 2016 Board of Governor’s meeting, with some feedback and changes made by the Student Union taken into consideration.

In the 2016/2017 Academic year, the Student Union developed this campaign into Money Matters – a comprehensive survey that asked OCAD U students about their financial realities. Please visit the Money Matters page for more information, future actions, and to download the full pdf.


Unite Duncan – McCaul!

We are currently working with the City of Toronto to get an intersection placed at the Queen Street W / Duncan & McCaul intersection. With many essential services having moved from McCaul Street to Richmond Street this year, the need for students to cross quickly and safely will increase. The current set-up has many students walking across Queen St. through traffic, and makes the journey difficult for those with mobility issues.

Please stay tuned for progress on this campaign, or email for more information.

Past Campaigns

We <3 the Student Gallery!

At the end of the Fall 2016 semester, the OCAD Student Gallery lost  it’s former home on McCaul Street. In this campaign, we asked what the Student Gallery means to students, and where they thought the gallery should be. By supporting the OCAD U Student Gallery, we have the opportunity to create a community arts hub, to showcase incredible emerging talent, and to provide an amazing learning space for OCAD students to begin their careers. A new location for the Student Gallery – now called the Ignite Gallery – will be opening in spring 2017. Please visit their website for more information.

24/7 Access

manifesto-1-crop_small-blackFor years, students at OCAD U have organized for increased access to the spaces, shops and studios. Recently, we won 24-hour access to open spaces and unmonitored shops and studios in 100, 60, and 52 McCaul. At the same time, however, we’ve seen access to monitored spaces diminish.

Our organizing was never just about 24-hour access. It was about improving facility access—access to the spaces and tools needed to produce work—in order to strengthen community. Students in different programs have different needs: drawing and painting students need to be able to work on and store large works, while students focused on critical writing need to be able find an available desk in the library. Sculpture and Installation students need access to shops. Every program has different facility needs, and it’s only when these are met that community has space to grow.

Read a full timeline of student organizing for increased access, from 2014 to the present, written from the perspective of a student involved.

Canadian Federation of Students

Student at OCAD University represent member local 25 with the Canadian Federation of Students and CFS-Ontario. We work to support lobbying efforts and campaigns of the CFS. More information can be found here.