Poster designed by OCAD U student Pranavi Suthagar

Poster designed by OCAD U student Pranavi Suthagar

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Proposal Writing Workshop 1: Sep 27, 12-2pm

Proposal Writing Workshop 2: Sep 28, 4-6pm

Deadline: October 18, 12pm

Jury: Oct 19-22 (jurors to be confirmed)

E-mail acceptances: Oct 25

E-mail for support and additional resources:

Equity Seed Fund is a new project that will give voice and support to OCAD U’s growing population of Diverse students. For the purpose of this project, “Diverse student” refers to: students who self-identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or Person of Colour (BIPOC), and/or LGBTQ2S+, and/or immigrant/refugee and/or persons with mental health and/or physical health issues.

Training, $$, and Mentorship

This funding project aligns with the Student Union’s mandate to OCAD U’s Diverse students. Participating students will raise awareness to issues of, and/or celebrate diversity and equity at OCAD U. All students will be provided training, funding, and mentorship to support them to lead their own initiatives and engage with their communities. Stay tuned for workshop details.

Projects could include, but are not limited to art exhibitions; student-led panel discussions or artist talks; student talks or social events (must be student-led with an agenda for discussions); workshops (may be facilitated by professionals); zines/ publications

Project Requirements

  1. Projects must engage and/or be open to the participation and contributions of the entire community of students this project addresses, or the entire student body, in the process or the final product of the project.
  2. Projects must have a launching/closing event at the beginning or end of the project, the entire community of students this project is caterer to, or the entire student body. The SU will help promote all projects.
  3. All project recipients must submit a Final Report that will serve as the summary and evaluation of their project. Submission of the report  will ensure the SU receives all information needed to assess the success of your  project. This report will also help the SU identify the needs and wants of our student body in order to better serve them from a diverse and equitable perspective. The report will touch upon the following topics: process, research, goals and the fulfillment of those goals, execution, outcome, financial breakdown.
  4. Coursework will not be considered eligible for funding.

Accessibility and inclusion is the OCAD Student Union’s priority; for accommodation requirements, questions, or feedback about this process, for support in writing this proposal, or to brainstorm ideas, please e-mail Khadija Aziz, Executive Director of Diversity & Equity, at