Money Matters Survey results are in and OCAD, they are concerning.
We need your help!

Last year OCAD U approved a compound interest fee on late tuition payments after great opposition from students as most of you know. When asked how this would affect the most marginalized populations of the OCAD student body the university stated that they did not collect those statistics. Within this context, the OCAD Student Union set out to collect data by launching a survey that would give us a clear understanding of students’ finances. We received a tremendous response. Our findings extend beyond the impact of the compound interest fee and bring to light the dire financial crisis OCAD U’s student body is living through.

The increasing cost of tuition as well as cost of living in Toronto are negatively affecting student well being, students’ performance, and subsequently student grades.

The OCAD Student Union will presented the findings of our OCAD SU Money Matters Report at the OCAD University Senate meeting on Monday, February 27 and the Board of Governor’s meeting on March 6th, 2017. This coincided with the BoG vote on an 3% tuition increase for domestic students.

We will be continuing to develop the Money Matters campaign in many ways, but most importantly, to continue to use the data to advocate for students in every way we can.