The SU Executive is comprised of the following:

  • Executive Director of Academic Affairs
  • Executive Director of Operations
  • Executive Director of Outreach & Communications
  • Executive Director of Campaigns & Advocacy
  • Executive Director of Equity & Diversity
  • Executive Director of Graduate Studies

Including the SU Executive, the SU Board of Directors consist of:

  • Shops & Studios Representative
  • Faculty of Liberal Studies Representative
  • Faculty of Art Representative
  • Faculty of Design Representative
  • First Generation Representative
  • First Year Representative (vacant)
  • BIPOC Students Representative
  • Indigenous Students Representative
  • International Students Representative
  • Sustainability Representative
  • Accessibility Representative
  • Mature & Part Time Students Representative (vacant)
  • A representative from Xpace Cultural Centre (non-voting)


Together, the members comprise the SU Board of Directors, each holding one vote. The Board of Directors is the final decision making body of the Student Union, and is accountable to the membership. The BoD is responsible for ensuring all SU By-laws, policies, procedures, and mandates are met.

Please see our elections page if you are interested in any vacant position

Student Union Staff

there are a number of staff positions on the Student Union. These individuals do not have voting membership on the Board of Directors, but they do ensure that our operations run smoothly, and they help to provide services to our members. They include our General Manager, Manager of Advocacy Services, Finance Manager, and many other part time positions held by students.